About JLH

Our History and Work

JLH Associates was started in 1992 by Karen Gaskins Jones and has since become known for its leadership training. She remains our main consultant as well as our engagement leader at our headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD, and has written several books and articles on leadership. Jones has made our organization a collaborating partner with nonprofits like CompassPoint and TransitionGuides (now with Raffa P.C.) to help clients of all kinds manage their workforce better.

How do we meet the diverse needs of all the businesses that come to us? We take highly experienced trainers and experts in the subject matter and put them into project-based teams. Our associates are well-versed in creating dialogues that explore diverse perspectives. You and the people you work with will be able to identify what you’re doing that’s working well and what isn’t going so great, in addition to the influences behind each. Where we really excel is building agreement on courses of action. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done.

Communication is Key

A big part of organizational success from the management level to entry level is efficient communication. We believe in keeping it consistent and within a timely manner, both in our project team and with our clients. Effective communication, combined with careful quality assurance, serves to enhance partnerships, attain the desired outcomes, and deliver better products and services.

Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’re dedicated to educating, inspiring, and supporting individuals and businesses so that they can be at their best. You have it in you to get more of what you want with less effort, and we can help bring that out. All you have to do is help us figure out what you want out of your life and work.

The environment we create and leave is supportive, encouraging, and perfect for learning how to impart positive change. No matter how different their personalities and work styles, the people who participate in our programs overwhelmingly agree that they are:

  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Interesting

We look forward to working with you for the betterment of your business. Contact us to turn your work life around today.