Resources On Success Stories and Energy

We encourage you to explore any of our organizational development resources that may help you on your transition to building a better workplace. At JLH Associates, we share and invite others, especially clients to share reference materials on inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom. If you or someone you know has succeeded in turning a challenge into an opportunity, don’t hesitate to let us know. We love to share stories and examples of people throughout the United States, and beyond, turning their lives around and changing the world.

Our resources include newsletters, articles, and more on managing energy, which is at the heart of what we teach. Albert Einstein proposed more than a century ago that everything we sense—that is, hear, see, taste, touch, and smell—is not matter, but energy. If it “matters,” it’s energy. We believe how we use that energy to live and work is what makes all the difference.

How Energy Affects the World Around You

There are two different energy forces that constantly create your world: catabolism and anabolism. The former typically refers to complex molecules breaking down, while the latter is the other way around. Anabolism is the energy that promotes satisfaction and engagement in life. These energies at the individual level describe a person’s constructive and destructive forces. Not just your cells, but your thoughts too may be anabolic or catabolic in nature.

Naturally these energies are present in organizations too. A business that’s more catabolic in nature will always react to changes in circumstance with anger, fear, guilt, worry, etc. These thoughts and feelings can become contagious and spread throughout the entire team. In no time at all this negativity can branch out from a few people to the whole group. Once that happens, the organization suffers an energy implosion of negativity, contempt, conflict, and gossip.

Core Energy Coaching for Positive Thinking

Our core energy coaching shifts that energy into a more positive force to help everyone use it more effectively to achieve both their goals and those of the company. We have the resources to get everyone feeling better and more open toward each other. By learning to trust each other again and gaining a boost in motivation, your team can accomplish whatever you choose.

Help your organization increase its anabolism. Contact us and we’ll make it happen through our coaching.