Who We Are and What We Do

JLH Associates is a consulting firm in Upper Marlboro, MD, that offers organizational development services to businesses. We do training, consulting, coaching, and facilitation. Another specialization of ours is conference and meeting management. Our team works across industries, sectors, and organizations throughout the nation and abroad to help workers do better.

Young businessman giving presentationEach workshop we give is adapted to suit your needs. Every expectation and goal will be clearly spelled out, and those who participate will be well aware of the benefits they stand to gain. By establishing and respecting everybody’s trust, our training programs serve to:

  • Create an Environment for Change That Is Open, Solution-Oriented, and Engaging
  • Create a Climate of Respect for Each Other and for Individual Learning
  • Encourage People to Change in the Future Rather Than Lecture Them About Past Performances
  • Encourage People to Take Responsibility for Their Part in Shaping the Future
  • Not Blaming Anyone for Past or Present Failures

You Have the Power, We Help You Find It

Although you may not know it, you do have the wisdom and power within you to achieve greater productivity, success, and happiness in your life and work. What our coaches do is guide you toward it so you can utilize it. We help managers and supervisors assess their abilities and work toward becoming ideal leaders. They’ll inevitably pass this on to those who work with and under them, and soon the whole team will feel the benefits.

If individual aspirations and plans are fading into wishes, we help you and those around you figure out what’s in the way and how to get around it. First we have to identify the habits and beliefs that are creating your current experiences, and then we help you create—and keep—new habits. A Big part of this is promoting positive energy that spreads through the whole organization.

Constructing a Foundation in Diversity

Our training and consultation services are designed to cultivate efficient organizations. This refers to the kind of workforce that’s in tune with company goals and the needs that a culturally diverse customer base presents. Diversity is an important part of a successful business; it takes all backgrounds and ways of thinking to come up with the best ideas. We help you become and stay diverse so that you can have the best workforce and customer service you can. Besides diversity awareness, inclusion and management strategies, some of the topics we cover include:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Training of Trainers
  • Supervision and Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Succession and Transition Planning

We offer an abundance of life-changing services. Contact us to learn more about each one.