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Struggling to find success but can’t figure out why? We’re here to help your business break down those barriers. JLH Associates has been offering both professional and personal coaching, consulting and training in Washington DC Metropolitan area, for more than 20 years. Our leadership training firm caters to clients all over the country.

We provide partnership and committed collaboration to ensure the success of all of our clients, no matter their size or what they do. Unlike other executive coaching firms, we follow an inclusive process that lets us work with people at every level of a business and with organizations across different sectors. Everyone will be set on a new path to better results and greater satisfaction.

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Tailored Training and Learning

Each of our coaching strategies along with our consulting advice is customized to your organization’s needs. Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all, because there’s no one way to achieve so many different goals. Everything we do will be all about you and your unique situation and goals.

Our firm has a rich history of helping people learn through their experiences in teams, through training, within projects, and in everyday experiences. If you’re looking to focus your direction or leadership or need help managing a diverse workforce, we’re the best place to turn. Training design and meeting facilitation are just a few of the services our organizational development consulting firm can teach. Our principal has had a long career as a consultant and collaborating partner and is one of the best resources in the area.


Helping Leaders Lead

The kind of open dialogue and learning that stems from our services leads to excellence in organizations. This applies to both the individual level and the company as a whole. We work to grow leadership capabilities and sustain healthier communities by helping the organizations within them. From nonprofits to government organizations and big businesses, there’s no client we can’t work with.

If you or others on your team are having difficulty leading those under you, it may not necessarily be your fault. Changes in demand, expectations, environments, careers, and operations can throw us all for a loop at first. We provide professional executive coaching for supervisors, managers, and senior leaders to help them create successful strategies for support, leadership, and direction. We know you all have it in you to achieve the goal you all share, and we’re here to help you get there.


Believe it or not, you can accomplish much more than you think. Contact us to get started today.